Introduce the work of Edward S. Curtis to a whole new generation. This traveling Exhbition is for lease, and we are taking dates for Edward S. Curtis traveling exhibition!

The exhibition is for lease and includes 70 framed and matted, original photogravures measuring 20” x 27” from the monumental work, The North American Indian. Included are master prints and cyanotypes for 78 images. The exhibition uses 200 linear feet for the framed photographs. Some exhibitors have stacked the gravures when linear footage was not available. The documentary film ‘The Shadow Catcher’ about the trials and tribulations of Edward S. Curtis can be available for viewing. P.B.S. has broadcasted this nationally as part of their American Masters Series.

This exhibition first showed in Europe at the Musee de L’Elysee, Lausanne Switzerland. The Museum sent Mr. Allen Porter, their guest curator and (editor of Camera Magazine), to select the images for this prestigious museum. Over 23 different news agencies attended the openings from radio, television, and newspaper. All agencies gave excellent reviews of the exhibition. Since then, the collection has traveled to many cities throughout Europe.

The Yakima Nation Museum located in Toppenish, Washington is the first Native American engagement since the collection returned from Europe. The community received it with great pride and enthusiasm. The exhibition then traveled to the Umatilla Nation at the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute, Pendleton, Oregon.
Museums working with budget constraints might wish to consider working together with local tribal casinos. In Bellinham, Washington, for example, a joint venture developed between the Lummi Tribe and the Whatcom Museum of History and Art.

Recently, the success of this traveling show at the Garrett Museum in Indiana prompted a subsequent show at the Allen County Library also in Indiana. It is set for October 2023.

The enlightening and impressive collection will only be available for three showings per year and is valued at $400,000. If you are interested in hosting this exhibition, we encourage acting now to secure your calendar date. The collection leases at $9,500 for three months. We ask a two thousand dollar deposit to secure your date.